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Advanced SEO

Search Engine Optimization


All our clients are entitled to a complete 360 SEO package which includes on-page optimization, off-page activities, and on-site implementations. We are also highly versed in Search Engine Marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click), and targeted Media buys.

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Integrating Search Engine Optimization strategies for your online marketing is a must in today’s competitive marketplace. At Midas Reach, we strive to provide our client’s with safe, proven effective world class SEO strategies and executions. We will work closely with you to determine what your website content may need to maximize the strength of your SEO campaigns, and to what degree of complexity the campaigns need to be depending on your industry’s competition.


When can you see results? How long will you need to implement SEO for?

Results can be seen anywhere from 1-6 months depending on the level of competitiveness your set of keywords are. In-depth reports will be submitted bi-weekly or monthly to show your site’s ranking performance. When Midas Reach conducts SEO, we make sure to go all guns blazing.
There is no definitive timeline however to when we should pause your SEO campaign, as there are many variables which you should consider. For one, if you’re in a competitive niche where your competition is running SEO campaigns monthly, why would you want to stop? Also, search engines are more likely to favor pages that adopt healthy SEO practices periodically as opposed to ones that don’t.

The world’s largest Search Engine (Google) is constantly reinventing and changing their algorithm daily; that’s why we constantly keep an eye and pulse on the updates, granting us clarity on how to effectively optimize our client’s website to secure high page rankings in multiple search engines.

Before initiating any campaigns, we will first conduct a deep analysis on your website and see what on-site engineering needs to be done. This includes the optimization of your page title, meta tags/descriptions, anchoring text links, backlink structure, all the way to the enhancement in standards for your digital content.

Our starting fee begins at a minimum of USD $1200-$1800 monthly for assessing, creating, and managing your SEO campaigns. Prices will vary depending on the competitiveness of each keyword you’d like to target.

Upon selecting any of our SEO packages, you are entitled to optimizing 2 keywords monthly, which can be alternated anytime you wish. To add a new keyword to the online marketing campaign, we charge USD $150 extra per keyword.

For all SEO campaigns, a 50% upfront fee is required before commencing.

*All legitimate SEO process will require around 4-6 weeks to see sustainable results. We strive for long term “stickiness” on the top pages of Search Engines, and play by Google’s rulebook to avoid our sites from being penalized (de-indexed/sandboxed)



Like any other marketing firms, we can’t promise anything other than our willingness to over-deliver and bring you the best results.
With any SEO packages selected, you will be delivered an in-depth Reporting & Analysis on our performance.
We charge each respective service based on how competitive your campaign is.

If you’re not happy with the first 3-6 months, please, fire us.