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What Kind of Traffic Your Website Really Needs

Are You Getting Good or Bad Traffic?

Most of you aren’t getting long term self-sustainable traffic. Why? because they aren’t aware of where to begin.

The best traffic types are organic and long term. The ones that repeatedly stumble onto your page, and are targeted leads.

Why not go for ones which don’t require any further work other than the initial setup and some minor tweaks down the line?

1. Quality Content For Quality Leads

This fact will always remain undisputed: It’s not about the quantity of traffic you receive daily. It’s about the quality. To get that quality, you need to produce a ‘quality reason’ for people to come to you in the first place. Get a good start, and you’ll have many good endings.

2. Where Are Your Links?

Is it from a high quality and increasingly populated source? Links coming from contextually relevant places will win you more points in the organic meter.

Also, if the source is a prominent or growing name, you’ll get the trickled traffic, from their trickled traffic.

Share something useful and time-tested, position it on that hot source, and you’re laying some good foundations.

Reminder: You want to make sure that your customer demographic exists within that source. Get traffic that may potentially convert. You may not get hot-buying ‘trickled traffic’ from a educational forum if you’re selling diving fins. Go where the divers are.

3. Keep Building Them

Repeat the the previous two steps and you’ll be getting the best form of traffic for your website. The biggest barrier to making this happen, is knowing how to do it, and staying committed to the process.

Consistency coupled with the right strategy implemented = money.

I know: Creating backlinks is mad boring. It drove me mad when I didn’t have the right methods and system in place; but it must be done. Usually, it’s the tough duties that yield most favorable results.

A continuously diversified link profile and growth is your safest bet for recurring traffic that your business will crave for.




3 Top Reasons Why You Will Choose Midas Reach

We know you have a sea full of options with more & more digital marketing companies popping up. However,  let us skip the long-winded talk and let us tell you how we can get your job done for you.

1. Our clients basically stick to us for our intuitive ability to first fully understand their company/brand values. We have a strict quality policy. Only when we fully understand your needs and know we can meet them will we proceed to working with you.

2. Unparalleled execution. With state of the art proprietary software & manual execution, we promise only evergreen results – meaning, what we do today, will continue to pay off for you in the long run. Once we begin with your project, your entire digital presence and website will undergo an aggressive optimization process.

3. Your business & project is managed as if it was ours – we can only want the very best for it.

Typical results: Higher productivity, morale, improved image, greater profits, greater shares & opportunities. Our clients are met with top-notch support and deep involvement if need be. Only when our clients succeed do we succeed – and we’re not planning to shortchange this priority ever.

Our team consists of the top industry players, and we must reiterate: we only apply the best-in-class tools and battle-proven strategies that will the blow the door of your office’s hinges. Our ironclad rule is to always over-deliver and help your client’s businesses grow.

Get Ahead! Working with MidasReach

SEO Bangkok, Web Design Bangkok, Web Design Shanghai

Here’s the deal: We know we can instill growth and profitability to your business, and that’s why we’re still in the ring today. To see our valued client’s businesses thrive, to see the unsuppressed smile break free from your face is our mission.

Whether you’re a start up or well-established business, we’ve got something to take your business further.

We will plan and execute for you a highly professional marketing makeover and strategy restructuring. Our first consultation is free.

Call, and we can discuss and explore the merits of a long term profit based relationship.

Pick any of our plans, and we will provide ongoing advice, strategy, guidance, mastermind, and directing for your business online. We will even help revise your marketing strategy, and reposition your message/brand/image as one that overshadows your competition.

We currently offer the following services:

• Website Design
• Graphics works: Commercial, Corporate, Personal
• Copywriting
• Press release
• Facebook Page Growth
• Custom Twitter pages & Fanpage Growth

Whew! Good Reasons for Choosing Mobile Marketing To Build Business

Mobile marketing is probably the best way to reach your audience – immediately. With total access and
attention captured.

You need to be everywhere “your targeted customers” are.

Mobile is where your target market is all the time.

We live with our smartphones.

Content Life Cycle-

Planning & Strategy
Content Creation
Content Marketing/Distribution
Content Management & Curation

The Mind-blowing E-Mail Marketing Tips & Secrets

E-Mail Marketing Secrets!

This is literally all you need to know.

Method #1  (Power of Unresolved Tension):

Keep your subscribers emotionally connected.
Keep them on the edge – build up excitement,
and cut them off like they do in popular T.V shows before
the commercials.

Build up tension + excitement. Delay Gratification.

This is how you build value.

Deadly Effective Video Creation & Video Marketing Tips

With videos of your brand/company, you establish an even closer and personal connection. Video marketing allows your audience to connect more intimately with the layer of your voice and presence. In other words, more engagement is at play.

Any form of digital media that stimulates multiple senses will have the greatest effect on building rapport, affinity, and trust.

If a person likes, you, they will eventually listen to you – they’ll check out the entire video.

If they trust you, they’ll buy from you – or it’ll be very difficult to not buy from you.

Break down any barriers that may exist between you and the visitor’s on your site.

Transparency wins. Deliver high value material/products and good will. People will love you.

95% of your content should be helpful. The remaining 5% may be a pitch.

By offering value, it gives your product and service way more credibility.
Value is your best salesman- it’s in the lifeblood of all sales.

Think, “Is this what they want to see after typing in that keyword?”
Always give people what they’re looking for – and help solve their needs or problems.

More doors will open, to making more money.

Your focus shouldn’t be on “How can I make more sales today?”
Instead, think “How can I give more value today first?”
Sales will follow right behind it.

Now Available! Incredible, High-Quality Instagram Marketing Service


Whether you’re an artist, business, or retail shop online, it’s always a smart practice to blip on as many social media platform’s radar as possible!

You’re probably well settled into Facebook or Twitter, but are you on Instagram? It’s the new beast out there.

If you’ve got an account and would like to let your presence bet known, then Instagram marketing should be well-considered!

Please contact us for Instagram marketing services.

By connecting with us, we’ll help you boost your popularity – in results, raking in more leads, sales, and inquiries.

Take a Sneak Peek! Our Latest Website Design Works Before 2013

Jewelloni - Jewellers Since 1983

Jewelloni – Jewellers Since 1983

Check out two of our latest projects (Which are still undergoing development) as we speak.

If you like us to help design your businesses first website, then shoot us an e-mail. We’ll make sure you get a world class page when your page is in our hands.

Folies - French Bakery & Pastry Supplier

Folies – French Bakery & Pastry Supplier

Client: Folies (French Bakery & Pastry Supplier)

So there we have, quick snippet previews of the standard of the websites we provide.

If you’re still seeking for a credible web designer in shanghai or Bangkok, we’re just one e-mail or call away. Please contact us here.

New! Killer Ideas in Making Social Profile Go Viral from Midas Reach

Here are some of our latest design works for our client: The Club House Bangkok Sports Bar.

“All Drinks Served Cold – No Other Way”

Why get a premium, highly engaging, quality digital flyer made? Here are some three 300 dollar reasons:

1. The photos go viral. Meaning: Whoever sees it, will most likely share it with their friends. That equals more awareness created in your online community. The more correct eyeballs you get, the more potential business you’ll make.

Whoever sees the image may also refer to “someone else” that may qualify as your prospect buyer or client. You never know until you give it a shot.

2. Cement a far more responsive and positive impression in the viewer. As humans, we always respond favorably to what pleases the eyes! Men love women with nice bods. Women love men that look dapper. A well designed image goes a long way to hitting all the right buttons.
3. Superb branding method to get your business name out there on the social web.

There’s no questioning that since most social networks are leaning more towards a “visual economy”; images, photos, and videos would then be the new currency for viral marketing purposes. So, make sure you’ve got your company or businesses logo branded on the images themselves!

There’s plenty of promotional estate space you can create with any image. Just look at how we positioned the logo on our photos.

Don’t forget:
As you can see in our flyers, we have some subtle “Call to action” measures.
The goal after all, if you were to promote a local sports bar is to…

Bring people there.
To down a few beers.
To brin gtheir friends there and spend some quality social-sports related time.

Most importantly, keep the cashier busy collecting payments, swiping cards, and preparing change.

Remember: It’s always best practice to do what works.

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