What Kind of Traffic Your Website Really Needs

Are You Getting Good or Bad Traffic?

Most of you aren’t getting long term self-sustainable traffic. Why? because they aren’t aware of where to begin.

The best traffic types are organic and long term. The ones that repeatedly stumble onto your page, and are targeted leads.

Why not go for ones which don’t require any further work other than the initial setup and some minor tweaks down the line?

1. Quality Content For Quality Leads

This fact will always remain undisputed: It’s not about the quantity of traffic you receive daily. It’s about the quality. To get that quality, you need to produce a ‘quality reason’ for people to come to you in the first place. Get a good start, and you’ll have many good endings.

2. Where Are Your Links?

Is it from a high quality and increasingly populated source? Links coming from contextually relevant places will win you more points in the organic meter.

Also, if the source is a prominent or growing name, you’ll get the trickled traffic, from their trickled traffic.

Share something useful and time-tested, position it on that hot source, and you’re laying some good foundations.

Reminder: You want to make sure that your customer demographic exists within that source. Get traffic that may potentially convert. You may not get hot-buying ‘trickled traffic’ from a educational forum if you’re selling diving fins. Go where the divers are.

3. Keep Building Them

Repeat the the previous two steps and you’ll be getting the best form of traffic for your website. The biggest barrier to making this happen, is knowing how to do it, and staying committed to the process.

Consistency coupled with the right strategy implemented = money.

I know: Creating back links can be mad boring. It drove me mad when I didn’t have the right methods and system in place; but it must be done. Usually, it’s the tough duties that yield most favorable results.

A continuously diversified link profile and growth is your safest bet to securing recurring leads that will keep your business alive.




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