Micro Marketing Campaigns

Micro Pack

We will soon be launching ‘Micro Marketing’ Packages. This will give our clients more flexibility and clarity in terms of how they’d like their online promotions pan out, and where. Instead of going for width, this package allows you to focus on depth.

Our Micro Packs will be perfect for smaller scale businesses who want to maximize their returns on marketing. If there are any special requirements you’d like add into the package, we’re always open ears.

What will you receive?

1. 4-Week Hyper Intensive Marketing Outline

2. Advanced and laser-targeted social marketing push on 2 (max.) social platforms.

3. Boost in audience reach and paying leads.

For more inquiries, please reach us at midasreach@gmail.com


Method: Secret to 133% Higher Conversation Rate

On-Site Optimization

If your website isn’t designed and optimized for conversions, don’t expect much return on your investments. This is a key fundamental aspect to building a business that will either thrive profitably or not.

What we’ll be presenting to you today are on-site optimization essentials that will help convert your visitors to buyers. Makes sure that your website features all the following conversion-boosting variables as presented below.

Golden Rule: Give far more value than your competitors and you can bet they’ll stick around.

On-Site Relevancy

Everything presented on your page, should resonate with what your purpose is.

If you’re a graphic designer, don’t just tell your audience you have years in the designing business. Tell them what kind of graphics you can offer, and why your they should choose you over others. Is it creativity? speed? pricing?

Relevancy converts, not confuse.

And to do that, you must first begin by giving your visitor’s what they want. Is it crystal clear that you’ve got the goods?

Keep everything simple. The moment someone visits your site, they should know right way what you’re about. Then, you should guide them through your page.

  • Some key on-page visuals:You Header. It should reinforce what your page and brand is about, right away. Don’t skimp a second on this.
  • Call-to-Action Urgency: These can appear in the form of ‘Shop Now’ banners to ‘Get $25.00 Discount’ buttons. The more CTA elements you have, the more involved your visitor will be with your site. More time invested translates to higher purchasing probability. Push their ‘buying’ button.

Trust Badge

From world recognized BBB (Accredited Business), ShopSite, TrustEtrust seals, including a several familiar trust badges also score oyu immediate trust. It’s crucial that you get your new visitors to trust you within the first minute upon landing.

A strong first impression does nothing for sale without trust instilled.

Recap: By instinct, does your website look trustworthy?

People don’t only buy from businesses or brands, they buy from someone they trust. Is your website well-designed? Does it look and feel credible? Do customers feel ‘safe’ doing business with you? Would you buy from yourself?

  1. Purpose. Reinforce your brand service.
  2. Qualify Them. What can you do, and what can’t you do? being honest about both ends help significantly.
  3. Use Success Stories. If you are in the service business, then your portfolio or testimonial will help with conversions.

Start earning them if you don’t have any. It’ll take time, but this is something you can’t ignore or fabricate. If you can include any social or real reviews, those will help tremendously too. One is better than non.


Narrow Down: Your Intended Buyer

Who Qualifies? Who are you designing for mainly? Small businesses? Individuals?

You can’t please everyone, and you shouldn’t. Some customers or clients will have higher demands; if you can’t meet them, it’s ok to turn them down.

Better to say ‘no’ then have to deal with a bunch of headaches later. Leave it to someone who can truly help them. I’d suggest making a recommendation – your client will be grateful and thank you for it.



Action: Steppin’ Inside The Customer Shoes

Put yourself in the shoes of the customers

The more aligned your purpose is with your customer, the easier it’ll be to connect with them. Close the gap.

What would they want to ‘see’?

What burning questions would they have?

What problems do they want resolved?

If you can overcome all objections, you’ll have a customer checking out faster than you can ask for.


Checklist: Is It Converting?

You’ve provided them with exactly what they need. They trust you, they buy from you.

Remember: Your business is after all, solving a problem, or fulfilling a need. Let your customer know right away you ‘can do this’. Then, back it up with supporting evidence in the form of visuals, facts, testimonials.




3 Smart Ways to Master Content Distribution

3 Super Smart Tips For Content Distribution

So, you’ve got a killer piece of content which may come in the form of an article, ebook, presentation or video.

It’s packed to brim with rich insights, and it answers or solves  your audience’s problems.

Your proud of what you’ve produced and you can’t wait to earn yourself more trust and authority.

What’s next? It’s time to get the word out there.

The Most Ideal Places to Promote

This is where most people are stuck.

By default, I’d recommend sharing on alltop ‘mainstream’ social platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Why? well you probably already have accounts registered there, and they make decent backlinks.

Aside from posting on your own social profiles and conventional niche-related community sites, “Where else should my content go?”

Don’t over-plan or dig into new spaces. Just go Wherever you audience is.

Most people struggle to distribute their content due to the oversaturated array of options. There are too many channels to choose from. For e.g, there’s at least 50 other video hosting platforms besides from Youtube.

Not knowing where to start is a b*tch.

Is the Site Contextually Relevant?

First, think about which platform suits your work most. If you’d like to promote your own graphic design portfolio or clothing line, then go for Pinterest or Instagram. Why? Because these are image-driven social platforms. People there want to ‘see’ things, not read.

Narrowing It Down

Don’t ignore geo-targeted or emerging communities. The beauty of these pages during their early years are: Less competition and more niche-specific audience base.

For e.g a designer may share his work also on Dribbbble. If you’re marketing to Taiwanese people, try Plurk, and Weibo if to China.

Don’t try to be everywhere at once, as you’ll only be wasting time by wearing your efforts thin.

Hang out where the bulk of your audiences are. I made a mistake of trying to be present on more social platforms than I can handle before. Not only was it silly and inefficient, it burnt me out.

Use a software like Hootsuite if you have to post to multiple social platforms simultaneously.

See what happens when you don’t have clarity of what works?

Don’t Just Stop at ‘Sign Up’

Don’t just stop at sign-up, be active.

If you’ve got content that’s text, image, or video-it based, t can be shared on most social media channels today.

Learn the ins and outs of every social network you need to be on. Every network has it’s pros and cons. For e.g, Facebook allows you to join group, but this feature isn’t available on Instagram.

How you use YouTube is different from Instagram – the former being more video-supportive, while the latter craves for images.

Take your content where they belong; and make sure your customers are there.

Tip to Not Miss! Repackage It

Most marketers are too lazy for this: Repackaging your content and distributing it again and again.

It’s ok to repackage your content and cross-promote it on different contextual platforms. This gives your brand more reach and exposure. All it takes is added work – don’t mind it not being ‘fresh’.

PDF Power

If you sell clothes, you’re not only limited to promoting on Facebook where you can image share, but also on PDF File sharing sites. All you have to do turn your images into PDF files. Sounds awkward at first, but you may just find a customer there.

You can tally up more e-commerce sales  by creating PDF files introducing your brand, your story, and images of your designs. All these files can be submitted to sites like Slideshare – plus they make good backlinks too, even if it’s a no-follow link.

Go Video

You can even create videos containing image slides of your design and upload them to video sharing sites like YouTube.

Once you’ve created your content, think of how you can repackage it for another medium.

As long as you’re not spammy or over promotional, most social networks will welcome you there. Give them what they want: Content, value, activity.

Hope you found my content distribution tips helpful.

Let me know what you think – it’d be great to hear from you.

3 Steps to Powerful On-Site SEO Content Marketing

Quick & Powerful On-Site SEO

With over 8-years deep in digital marketing, I’ve seen overcomplicated backlinking methods – to impressively creative DIY sequences. Most seo marketers try to fly under the radar, but they will eventually get caught once the algorithms outsmart them.

What we’ll be focusing on in this guide, are the three simple steps that will will always work, period. If you haven’t started your optimizing your page contents, then it’s never too late to shake things up.

Don’t be fooled: SEO and content marketing does not have to be an overcomplicated process; most experts dramatize the work involved so they can ask for a greater pay. Of course, if you’re trying to rank for highly competitive keywords such as ‘basketball shoes’, then yes, it may cost you an arm or leg.

This quick and powerful short guide will help kickstart your content optimization journey, so you too, can fight for a piece of the top search ranking spots.

1. Prepare the ‘Wanted’ Keywords

You need to first do your research. Do not skip through this. Compile a list of specific keywords you’d like to rank for.

I’d advise using Google Adwords keyword tool to hunt for low to medium competitive search terms. The tool will detail it out for you. Alternative keyword research tools I use are: Long Tail Pro

These should be the ‘exact search terms’ your audience will write in the search box when they visit Google.

Start with 10 Manageable Keywords.


Take it easy if you’re just getting started.

You need to train your mental muscle first. Starting with an excel sheet of 30-50 keywords is a rookie mistake – you’ll only wear yourself thin. Compete for more after you’ve conquered the first 10 – don’t get too ambitious.

Quick summary: When you’re writing your promotional materials, articles, blog posts, or any on social media sites, you’ll be integrating these keywords into your message.

Make the above researching step a good marketing habit, as it will nurture your site rankings with over time. Your consistency will help you beat those who aren’t.

‘Buying’ Keyword Examples

Before we discuss about weaving your chosen keywords into the body of your content, be aware of what ‘buying keywords’ are. These simply have commercial intent.

If your website is a shop or you’re offering something for sale, you may want to compete for the ‘buying keywords’.

If you own a streetwear shop, some buying keyword terms would be “streetwear clothes” “buy streetwear” “streetwear shops”.

Or, narrow it down to specific brand-specific keyword buying terms like “Buy [brand] clothing” “shop for [brand] online’

So, if I were to write a quick promotional message on any social platforms, it would look like this:

If you’re searching for fast shipping online streetwear shop, make sure you check out LUXLIVIN online to get your hands on international streetwear clothes and brands.

Fair warning: Don’t overdo content SEO.

You should never spam your page’s with multiple ‘buying keywords’ on one page. The most repetitions for any given keyword should be twice on the same page. If you overuse a keyword, Google or other search engines will detect this and mark your page as spam. Then – all your hard work would’ve been for nothing.



2. Weaving It In

After you’ve done your keyword research and filtered out all low to medium competitive keywords, memorize them. Read aloud each of them 10-20 times, until you can’t help but remember each vividly.

Whenever you’re producing any future content for your website, you’ll have to weave them in naturally. It needs to mesh well with the body and make sense.

It should never seem forced or unnatural to the reader.

If any keywords don’t blend well, create an entirely new sentence to accommodate the keyword. You’ll find a way around this. It’s simply a matter of writing & re-writing.

For example: If you enjoyed reading about “keyword phrases”, make sure you check out more of our other pages here.
Sometimes, you may as well create a new page, or multiple pages if there are  money keyword phrases you’d like to rank for.

Remember – keep it as natural as possible. Don’t spam your content with your new found keywords. If you write for the search engines only, you may just get penalized later. Trust me, the search engine spiders know what you’re up to and they can easily detect manipulative behaviors.

The Checklist


To ensure that every page is keyword optimized, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your keyword, or keyword phrase in your title?
  • Does your keyword appear at least 2-3 times throughout your page?
  • Are you using relevant keywords?
  • Is your URL keyword optimized? Are your keywords in your permalink?
  • Do you have photos or videos to accommodate your content to guarantee a content-rich experience?
  • Are your pictures correctly keyword optimized (alt tag) also?

These are all on-site factors that Google will love you for. Don’t have them in place, and you won’t get their love.

3. Staying on Track

Once your seo marketing campaign is running, you need to measure your own performance. I’d suggest using keyword rank checking tools such as Serpbook. Go with the basic account setup first.

Whenever you’re producing content, ask yourself: Am I giving what my visitors expect to see? Do I ‘really’ deserve to be ranked?

Aim to lend a hand, not aim to rank.


There you have it: The 3-steps to ensuring that all your content creation efforts will pay off. Don’t forget to pump relevant backlinks back to your popular pages after.

If I were to give you a content seo mantra, then it’d be: Give people what they’re ‘searching for’. Not only will your bounce rate improve, but so will the entire user-experience for your page visitors. This is exactly how search engines will reward you. Anything else will be defeating the purpose of SEO.

Don’t come across as a spammer who’s in it for the short term wins.

Content Marketing the Right Way – Without Giving Up

Content Marketing Made Easy

Most business owners fall flat when it comes to content marketing. Why? Because they never bothered starting. They know it works – especially after Google’s latest Hummingbird and Panda update – but ‘just knowing’ isn’t going to cut it.

Let me help. I want you to steal my personal success method, run away, and profit with it.

First things first.

What’s the Hummingbird and Panda Update? These are two of Google’s algorithmic updates to weed out low quality sites, especially those that lack useful content. The search engine just doing it’s job: taking care of those searching their database.

The deal is: If you’re not providing value, relevancy, or much help with your website, then you don’t deserve a spot on their most-wanted page.

Why Content?

Just as a magazine relies on words, design, and images – your business needs the same range of elements to thrive online. In fact, you’ve got more options since there are more multimedia options for you (Video, gifs etc.)

Content is food and oxygen to your website. What are you feeding your website? Does your website have an attractive body and helpful soul?

Every brand and business model will require a different content strategy.

You can create videos, webinars, infographics – but find the ones that you ‘enjoy producing’ and have time for. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself. If your resources are limited, with what you have, then slowly scale up.

I started by writing promotional articles, then advanced into making videos when I could afford my own equipments + learned how to edit videos. If you don’t know how to the software and tools to get you the content type you need, make time to learn.

If you simply hate producing content – then I suggest you hire someone to do it for you.

Let’s say your you’re a music artist, then audio is a no-brainer. Take it up one notch by producing weekly videos of ‘how your week went’, or get intensive, and do a daily vlog – all which allows you and your fans to ‘stay connected.’

Breadth & Depth

When you and your existing customer base interact, the connection strengthens. The more engaging and emotionally-riveting your content, the deeper the bond. Go for breadth and depth. Think of content as ‘conversations’ with your customer. The online world is no exception – the more conversations you have with your customer, the closer they’ll feel to you.

Your brand and customer were all once strangers to each other – but the more you interact, the more distance you remove.


This is where most brands fall off – consistency. You need to approach content marketing with a long-term commitment plan. This will put you far ahead of most brands – who usually stop after 3-5 posts. The beauty is: you’ll never run out of content; especially if you’re in an established and competitive niche.



When you don’t know where to begin, that’s because your niche is either too big (so you have too many ideas), or if your niche is too small, and there isn’t much to say about it. Your case is most likely the former.

The best solution is to ‘niche down’. Focus on a more narrow topic inside the niche.

If you’re in the business to coach people to ‘play better soccer’, break your content up to multiple lessons. Have your first week dedicated to dribbling, the second, team work, the third, cardio-training. Don’t try to cover everything at the outset.

It Doesn’t have to Be Perfect

One man’s trash may be another man’s treasure. When I started recording my videos, I kept them short. I focused on only one-point every time. I also kept the footage around 1 minute. When you set high standards you’re not qualified for – you’ll only have a hard time making content.


Curating For Content

Every now and then, share a few buzz worthy videos, such as top Premier League highlights of the week, or a personal interview you found with a university soccer coach. You don’t have to always produce original material. Curate, and give credit where it’s due.

Either way, your audience will thank you for the share. As long as the meat of your content is well aligned with your brand’s mission, you’re doing your job – and doing your customers a favor.

What’s Holding You Back?

Most people are eager to get started, but they lose steam, fast. You need to first address the sticking points you have, and solve those first. Is it lack of time? Is it because you don’t see value in creating shareable content? Or you just don’t know what to create?

Most people don’t have a realistic content creation strategy.

This may require a lot of patience, but it’s a long term game – but with monumental gains. In fact, I’d urge you to never stop as long as you’re marketing your business online. The internet is built on content afterall.

The more you do it, the better you’ll get, and the more likely you’ll start seeing positive returns for your unwavering effort.

Why I Failed In The Beginning

When I first got started with my BABE series (Become a Better Entrepreneur), I failed to record consistently for the first few months.

No surprise. My will wasn’t strong enough. Self-discipline was the problem – I didn’t have the patience. Like most, we want instant results. But without patience and execution, you might as well not start.

Everything changed when I forced myself to record every night – even if I had nothing to interesting to say; even when I was too beat and tired, I recorded.

Take It Easy

When I approached this process as ‘play’ rather than work, it became more fun. All I had to do was turn on the camera (I use the Canon Legria III), look into the lens, and talk.

I knew that lowering my expectations would help – so that’s what I did. Never aim for perfection when you’re just starting out. The goal wasn’t to record a bunch of ‘home-run’ videos; The goal was to first develop an unbreakable habit of recording. It had to become an addiction.

With more takes, I inevitably got better. There are days where I can shoot without a script, speak on the fly, and still produce a vlog that I’d personally approve as ‘useful’ for the viewer.

Start Small – Quit Critiquing

Again, start with low expectations and scale up from there. This way, you don’t get frustrated and quit in the early stages. That’s what happens to most people – and that’s why the odds are in your favor.

Our minds will eventually figure out how to perform better. I became a better speaker and more of a natural. It’s unlikely that you’ll get progressively worse. That’s just not human.

It’s mostly likely due to false judgment when you find your work subpar or bordering repulsive – we are our own biggest critic after all.


Train Your “Creator’s Muscle”

I had to train my muscle to and will to vlog. After the first 10 days straight of shooting, things got a lot easier. I found my ‘prime hour to vlog. It’s usually after 11pm. Less effort is required the better I got at this.

Whether your content takes form on print, audio, or video, see what works for you and your schedule. Experiment.. When you’re not busy selling your product or service – it’s your content that will keep your brand out there.

Never Run out of Ideas

Here’s a trick to never run out of ideas or things to say. Start thinking about what your customer wants to know – and build your content around that.

For e.g, if your site website is about video production for beginners, you can create many categories and branch off on each one. One category can be about lighting, another about camera equipment, and another about getting ‘creative’. In fact, if you get creative, creating content becomes silly easy.

Start with your reader/viewer in mind, and you’ll know how to shape and sculpt your content, always.

As long as you stuff helps – you’re giving value. With ongoing value, you’ll have always had a growing base of fans and more traffic.

There’s never been a better time than now to start building your business online via content marketing. It’s one of the evergreen online marketing tactics that will bring you great returns in the long run.

The more consistent you are, the better you’ll get. The more content you shell out, the more impact and reach you’ll have.

What will you create today?

What Kind of Traffic Your Website Really Needs

Are You Getting Good or Bad Traffic?

Most of you aren’t getting long term self-sustainable traffic. Why? because they aren’t aware of where to begin.

The best traffic types are organic and long term. The ones that repeatedly stumble onto your page, and are targeted leads.

Why not go for ones which don’t require any further work other than the initial setup and some minor tweaks down the line?

1. Quality Content For Quality Leads

This fact will always remain undisputed: It’s not about the quantity of traffic you receive daily. It’s about the quality. To get that quality, you need to produce a ‘quality reason’ for people to come to you in the first place. Get a good start, and you’ll have many good endings.

2. Where Are Your Links?

Is it from a high quality and increasingly populated source? Links coming from contextually relevant places will win you more points in the organic meter.

Also, if the source is a prominent or growing name, you’ll get the trickled traffic, from their trickled traffic.

Share something useful and time-tested, position it on that hot source, and you’re laying some good foundations.

Reminder: You want to make sure that your customer demographic exists within that source. Get traffic that may potentially convert. You may not get hot-buying ‘trickled traffic’ from a educational forum if you’re selling diving fins. Go where the divers are.

3. Keep Building Them

Repeat the the previous two steps and you’ll be getting the best form of traffic for your website. The biggest barrier to making this happen, is knowing how to do it, and staying committed to the process.

Consistency coupled with the right strategy implemented = money.

I know: Creating back links can be mad boring. It drove me mad when I didn’t have the right methods and system in place; but it must be done. Usually, it’s the tough duties that yield most favorable results.

A continuously diversified link profile and growth is your safest bet to securing recurring leads that will keep your business alive.




RECQUIXIT: Photo & Video Production in Shanghai

An exciting new website & new project in development, but will soon be open and available for the general public this summer.

We’d like to now introduce our new subsidiary division specializing in video shoots & production. For more information, please check out www.recquixit.com

Website design by: Midas Reach

3 Top Reasons Why You Will Choose Midas Reach

We know you have a sea full of options with more & more digital marketing companies popping up. However,  let us skip the long-winded talk and let us tell you how we can get your job done for you.

1. Our clients basically stick to us for our intuitive ability to first fully understand their company/brand values. We have a strict quality policy. Only when we fully understand your needs and know we can meet them will we proceed to working with you.

2. Unparalleled execution. With state of the art proprietary software & manual execution, we promise only evergreen results – meaning, what we do today, will continue to pay off for you in the long run. Once we begin with your project, your entire digital presence and website will undergo an aggressive optimization process.

3. Your business & project is managed as if it was ours – we can only want the very best for it.

Typical results: Higher productivity, morale, improved image, greater profits, greater shares & opportunities. Our clients are met with top-notch support and deep involvement if need be. Only when our clients succeed do we succeed – and we’re not planning to shortchange this priority ever.

Our team consists of the top industry players, and we must reiterate: we only apply the best-in-class tools and battle-proven strategies that will the blow the door of your office’s hinges. Our ironclad rule is to always over-deliver and help your client’s businesses grow.

Experience Marketing

Experience Marketing Trumps All

After 8-years of being actively involved with digital marketing, there’s one marketing principle that will continue to trump all: Creating the best experience for your customer. This is exactly what one of the world’s biggest company is doing (Google), and why they’re so successful today.

Let’s talk Experience Marketing.

What’s Experience Marketing?

This is where your business strives to create the best user experience for your customers, at every touch-point.

I’ll be discussing on the three most crucial touch-points where Experience marketing takes place:


Customer Support (Via email, phone, Skype)


Your Website – Brand Ambassador

Treat your website like your digital brand ambassador. Does your site design reinforce your brand values? Are your on-site content well aligned with ‘what you’re trying to sell’?

The second your intended audience meets your brand online, it’s show time. Don’t waste any second.You should communicate right away who you are, how you can help them, and why they should choose you. Take your website’s performance and purpose seriously.

Unrivaled Customer Support

Whenever any member of your organization (whether top or bottom level) talks with a client, treat them with respect and equal care. Your customer deserves every moment of support – that’s why it’s called ‘customer support’. You’re not just replying to inquiries – you’re always trying to make their life’s easier. Give them the solutions they need.

Pure Offline Compassion

When you’re meeting your customer or client in person, the most important thing to ‘be ready to help’. That’s the mindset everyone in your business needs to adopt; and you need to do it with authenticity. If you can’t help your end-user, you shouldn’t be there in the first place. You may as well recommend your competitor to them – yet still offer a better user-experience.