Experience Marketing

Experience Marketing Trumps All

After 8-years of being actively involved with digital marketing, there’s one marketing principle that will continue to trump all: Creating the best experience for your customer. This is exactly what one of the world’s biggest company is doing (Google), and why they’re so successful today.

Let’s talk Experience Marketing.

What’s Experience Marketing?

This is where your business strives to create the best user experience for your customers, at every touch-point.

I’ll be discussing on the three most crucial touch-points where Experience marketing takes place:


Customer Support (Via email, phone, Skype)


Your Website – Brand Ambassador

Treat your website like your digital brand ambassador. Does your site design reinforce your brand values? Are your on-site content well aligned with ‘what you’re trying to sell’?

The second your intended audience meets your brand online, it’s show time. Don’t waste any second.You should communicate right away who you are, how you can help them, and why they should choose you. Take your website’s performance and purpose seriously.

Unrivaled Customer Support

Whenever any member of your organization (whether top or bottom level) talks with a client, treat them with respect and equal care. Your customer deserves every moment of support – that’s why it’s called ‘customer support’. You’re not just replying to inquiries – you’re always trying to make their life’s easier. Give them the solutions they need.

Pure Offline Compassion

When you’re meeting your customer or client in person, the most important thing to ‘be ready to help’. That’s the mindset everyone in your business needs to adopt; and you need to do it with authenticity. If you can’t help your end-user, you shouldn’t be there in the first place. You may as well recommend your competitor to them – yet still offer a better user-experience.