3 Top Reasons Why You Will Choose Midas Reach

We know you have a sea full of options with more & more digital marketing companies popping up. However,  let us skip the long-winded talk and let us tell you how we can get your job done for you.

1. Our clients basically stick to us for our intuitive ability to first fully understand their company/brand values. We have a strict quality policy. Only when we fully understand your needs and know we can meet them will we proceed to working with you.

2. Unparalleled execution. With state of the art proprietary software & manual execution, we promise only evergreen results – meaning, what we do today, will continue to pay off for you in the long run. Once we begin with your project, your entire digital presence and website will undergo an aggressive optimization process.

3. Your business & project is managed as if it was ours – we can only want the very best for it.

Typical results: Higher productivity, morale, improved image, greater profits, greater shares & opportunities. Our clients are met with top-notch support and deep involvement if need be. Only when our clients succeed do we succeed – and we’re not planning to shortchange this priority ever.

Our team consists of the top industry players, and we must reiterate: we only apply the best-in-class tools and battle-proven strategies that will the blow the door of your office’s hinges. Our ironclad rule is to always over-deliver and help your client’s businesses grow.

Now Available! Incredible, High-Quality Instagram Marketing Service


Whether you’re an artist, business, or retail shop online, it’s always a smart practice to blip on as many social media platform’s radar as possible!

You’re probably well settled into Facebook or Twitter, but are you on Instagram? It’s the new beast out there.

If you’ve got an account and would like to let your presence bet known, then Instagram marketing should be well-considered!

Please contact us for Instagram marketing services.

By connecting with us, we’ll help you boost your popularity – in results, raking in more leads, sales, and inquiries.

Behold! Amazing Streetwear Hub E-Commerce Store Redesign

Hello world. Yes, we’ve been busy cracking and tackling multiple projects lately. Just recently, we’ve evamped the entire layout for Streetwear Hub e-commerce shop.

The objectives were to render a more minimalist design, making it greater fr sales conversions today’s Apple-age. We’ve stuck to the original color themes of black and white, but this time, integrating a more robust check-out functionality and product viewing via cloud zoom.

As you can see with the given screen shots, the product displays with the circular price tag yields a higher click through rate. Those round price tags are tempting aren’t they?

It’s been proven that the more a viewer or customer interacts with the page, the more likely they will be make purchase – if not now, sometime in the near future.

Searching for credible & creative ecommerce designers in shanghai or bangkok? Then make sure you drop us an e-mail. We’ll get you an e-commerce store setup within 72 hours.