Take a Sneak Peek! Our Latest Website Design Works Before 2013

Jewelloni - Jewellers Since 1983

Jewelloni – Jewellers Since 1983

Check out two of our latest projects (Which are still undergoing development) as we speak.

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Folies - French Bakery & Pastry Supplier

Folies – French Bakery & Pastry Supplier

Client: Folies (French Bakery & Pastry Supplier)

So there we have, quick snippet previews of the standard of the websites we provide.

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Look! First Page & Top 3 Ranking on World’s Top Search Engine

Even with all the Panda, Penguin, and all kinds of wild arctic animal updates by Google, we have still managed to keep our client’s site above waters, cruising on the waves of all changes.

Below is a screen shot of us competing for the term “Bangkok Sports Bar” for The Club House.

Achieving the Top 3 spot is certainly what any club would fight for, especially for a highly searched term like “Bangkok Sports Bar” itself.

If you’d like to start ranking on Google’s top slots, or front page (to be realistic), we can help you make that happen. We can’t promise that you will, but we can definitely help your site win the targeted audience you deserve.

Again, we always let our work and portfolio do the talking. So see for yourself.

Behold! Amazing Streetwear Hub E-Commerce Store Redesign

Hello world. Yes, we’ve been busy cracking and tackling multiple projects lately. Just recently, we’ve evamped the entire layout for Streetwear Hub e-commerce shop.

The objectives were to render a more minimalist design, making it greater fr sales conversions today’s Apple-age. We’ve stuck to the original color themes of black and white, but this time, integrating a more robust check-out functionality and product viewing via cloud zoom.

As you can see with the given screen shots, the product displays with the circular price tag yields a higher click through rate. Those round price tags are tempting aren’t they?

It’s been proven that the more a viewer or customer interacts with the page, the more likely they will be make purchase – if not now, sometime in the near future.

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