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Whether you’re an artist, business, or retail shop online, it’s always a smart practice to blip on as many social media platform’s radar as possible!

You’re probably well settled into Facebook or Twitter, but are you on Instagram? It’s the new beast out there.

If you’ve got an account and would like to let your presence bet known, then Instagram marketing should be well-considered!

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Top Secret! 5 Ways to Create Eye-catching Facebook Timeline Cover

Timeline Cover Design for: Sneaker Prestige

Midas Reach: Online Marketing Bangkok, Shanghai. We’re a boutique online marketing company comprised of a young, dynamic, and versatile web designers, developers and online marketers based in Bangkok and Shanghai.

Most people underestimate the importance of Facebook timeline covers, therefore not using them fully to their advantage. To us, it is one of the most expensive virtual estate piece you can have online. The quality, aesthetics, and perceived value of your cover can either make or break a sale, keep or put to sleep your audience.

I’m sure you’d agree: A well designed timeline cover not only encourages the visitor to stay on the page, but it also embeds a great first impression. This first impression is equally as important as the first one you made during your first job’s interview, your first date, and your first conversation with your first client. I’m sure you catch my drift.

There are 5 main must-do’s when it comes to making a good facebook timeline cover:

1. High resolution! If your uploaded cover photo is pixelated or appears grainy, retake it, or snap up a new image. Don’t have a camera that can shoot photos above 5 mega pixels? then borrow a friend’s. A low resolution cover is like going on a date with a wrinkled button up. Also, do not expect people to zoom out on your facebook page just so the resolution for your cover improves.

2. High relevancy. Yes, that image you’ve selected should be related to yourself (if it’s for a personal profile), or your brand (for businesses)

3 . Strong Call to Action. It’d be a waste of space if your cover was solely an image to be glanced over. Make sure you include your other social profile addresses, a link to your website, or leave your number (if you’re a restaurant!).

4. What’s your story? For those who love branding and getting your message across the way you’d like it, here’s your chance. Condense the story behind your brand or personality into once sentence, then display it across your cover.

5. Keep it creative. I’ll leave this up to you to imagine.

Here are just a few Facebook timeline covers we designed recently. Simple, clean, with a strong call-to-action message incorporated.

(Timeline Cover Design for: LUXLIVIN)

(Timeline Cover Design for: Streetwearxhiphop (SXH)

(Timeline Cover Design for: Sreetwear Villa)

With a cornucopia of social networks coming and going, Facebook will still remain as one of the giant’s in the foreseeable years ahead, so you better capitalize on this platform smartly. You don’t have to get too creative here, just keep things effective.

If you’re looking for a bangkok web design or shanghai web design artist, look further. Let us help meet your artistic and business demands here at Midas Reach.

So Good! Amazing Ways on How to Design a Killer Facebook Time Cover

It’s official. Facebook Time Covers will now be the centerpiece in over 8 Million Facebook User’s profile page. This new change which applies for all users since March 30th 2012 may upset tons of Facebook Marketers, but if you know how to use it to your advantage on this ever-evolving social network and information sharing platform, there will always be ways to adeptly monetize on FB by getting a bit creative.

Here are 3 tips on how to create an amazing Facebook timeline cover correctly:

1. Have a specific Call-to-Action message – But do so subtly. Your cover should prompt your visitor’s to perhaps check out your main website by displaying your site’s link, or tell them to subscribe to a particular Facebook group you’ve created. This enables you to further interact with them on a more personal level.

2. Don’t try to sell your product/service with your cover. Avoid any spammy text, or apparent attempts to try inform your customers to learn about your latest product blow out sale. Your cover may seem like your personal billboard, but it shouldn’t be desperate for cash. This goes against Facebook’s Terms of Service.

Check out our cover which we designed for Primo Soccer Jerseys. There’s no hard-selling involved. The secret tactical move is to simply pre-sell your visitor on the goods you offer.

3. Images you select should best represent your brand’s beliefs. Your cover’s dimension should be: 851px x 315px. This gives you enough space to send your message across, and to help enhance your brand’s image. You may want to design a custom Facebook timeline cover solely for this purpose.

Also, make sure you don’t compromise the quality of your image resolution by uploading an image file that’s not optimized for a 4:3 viewing ratio.

Need more tips on how to design an amazing Facebook timeline cover? or need a custom timeline cover designed for you? If so, look no further. We’ll make you one in less than 72 hrs. Contact us today.

In Demand! Best Ever Email Marketing: Customer Management

Email Autoresponder Setup & Management

We’ll help you define an overall email marketing strategy as well as write the individual emails themselves. Depending on your email marketing service provider, we can deliver a complete series of high-converting emails which you can set to automatically send as needed. These start at $30/email and goes up with length and complexity.