Video Marketing

Deadly Effective Video Creation & Video Marketing Tips

With videos of your brand/company, you establish an even closer and personal connection. Video marketing allows your audience to connect more intimately with the layer of your voice and presence. In other words, more engagement is at play.

Any form of digital media that stimulates multiple senses will have the greatest effect on building rapport, affinity, and trust.

If a person likes, you, they will eventually listen to you – they’ll check out the entire video.

If they trust you, they’ll buy from you – or it’ll be very difficult to not buy from you.

Break down any barriers that may exist between you and the visitor’s on your site.

Transparency wins. Deliver high value material/products and good will. People will love you.

95% of your content should be helpful. The remaining 5% may be a pitch.

By offering value, it gives your product and service way more credibility.
Value is your best salesman- it’s in the lifeblood of all sales.

Think, “Is this what they want to see after typing in that keyword?”
Always give people what they’re looking for – and help solve their needs or problems.

More doors will open, to making more money.

Your focus shouldn’t be on “How can I make more sales today?”
Instead, think “How can I give more value today first?”
Sales will follow right behind it.

Hot! Online Video Marketing & Branding Strategies by Midas Reach

Online videos are undoubtedly one of the most effective branding methods, as well as getting your product and services positioned in front of your audience. The numbers of viewers and new registrants are skyrocketing everyday on video social networks like YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo etc.

If you’ve got a product, packaging it as a video for promotional purposes will definitely help bring you more targeted traffic to your website. If not, at least you score more exposure, which may one day transition to a $xxxx sale. You won’t know, if you don’t try.

Here are some of the digital videos we’ve produced for Primo Soccer Jerseys and Top Bangkok Bars. In each video, we’ve ensured that the viewer recognizes the logo for a fair amount of seconds to embed it upon their memory, and we’ve also created an engaging narrative to connect with the users on a personal level. This is how video marketing should be conducted.