3 Smart Ways to Master Content Distribution

3 Super Smart Tips For Content Distribution

So, you’ve got a killer piece of content which may come in the form of an article, ebook, presentation or video.

It’s packed to brim with rich insights, and it answers or solves  your audience’s problems.

Your proud of what you’ve produced and you can’t wait to earn yourself more trust and authority.

What’s next? It’s time to get the word out there.

The Most Ideal Places to Promote

This is where most people are stuck.

By default, I’d recommend sharing on alltop ‘mainstream’ social platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Why? well you probably already have accounts registered there, and they make decent backlinks.

Aside from posting on your own social profiles and conventional niche-related community sites, “Where else should my content go?”

Don’t over-plan or dig into new spaces. Just go Wherever you audience is.

Most people struggle to distribute their content due to the oversaturated array of options. There are too many channels to choose from. For e.g, there’s at least 50 other video hosting platforms besides from Youtube.

Not knowing where to start is a b*tch.

Is the Site Contextually Relevant?

First, think about which platform suits your work most. If you’d like to promote your own graphic design portfolio or clothing line, then go for Pinterest or Instagram. Why? Because these are image-driven social platforms. People there want to ‘see’ things, not read.

Narrowing It Down

Don’t ignore geo-targeted or emerging communities. The beauty of these pages during their early years are: Less competition and more niche-specific audience base.

For e.g a designer may share his work also on Dribbbble. If you’re marketing to Taiwanese people, try Plurk, and Weibo if to China.

Don’t try to be everywhere at once, as you’ll only be wasting time by wearing your efforts thin.

Hang out where the bulk of your audiences are. I made a mistake of trying to be present on more social platforms than I can handle before. Not only was it silly and inefficient, it burnt me out.

Use a software like Hootsuite if you have to post to multiple social platforms simultaneously.

See what happens when you don’t have clarity of what works?

Don’t Just Stop at ‘Sign Up’

Don’t just stop at sign-up, be active.

If you’ve got content that’s text, image, or video-it based, t can be shared on most social media channels today.

Learn the ins and outs of every social network you need to be on. Every network has it’s pros and cons. For e.g, Facebook allows you to join group, but this feature isn’t available on Instagram.

How you use YouTube is different from Instagram – the former being more video-supportive, while the latter craves for images.

Take your content where they belong; and make sure your customers are there.

Tip to Not Miss! Repackage It

Most marketers are too lazy for this: Repackaging your content and distributing it again and again.

It’s ok to repackage your content and cross-promote it on different contextual platforms. This gives your brand more reach and exposure. All it takes is added work – don’t mind it not being ‘fresh’.

PDF Power

If you sell clothes, you’re not only limited to promoting on Facebook where you can image share, but also on PDF File sharing sites. All you have to do turn your images into PDF files. Sounds awkward at first, but you may just find a customer there.

You can tally up more e-commerce sales  by creating PDF files introducing your brand, your story, and images of your designs. All these files can be submitted to sites like Slideshare – plus they make good backlinks too, even if it’s a no-follow link.

Go Video

You can even create videos containing image slides of your design and upload them to video sharing sites like YouTube.

Once you’ve created your content, think of how you can repackage it for another medium.

As long as you’re not spammy or over promotional, most social networks will welcome you there. Give them what they want: Content, value, activity.

Hope you found my content distribution tips helpful.

Let me know what you think – it’d be great to hear from you.